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Friday, August 12, 2022
Rent to Own
New Program Update
Only First and last months and deposit gets you in see details here
***Program Update January 23rd 2019***

Rent to Own Preferred Selections is an innovative Rent to Own Home program that allows you to move into the home of your choice today while you work to qualify for a traditional home loan in the future.

You choose the home. You choose the location. Our investors will buy it for cash and you rent to own it for up to 4-5-6 years (based on investor).

Don’t just rent. Move now with Rent to Own Preferred Selections and start on the path to your dream house today.

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Rent to Own Benefits
  • No or Poor credit ok! (Fico must be above 500)
  • Now only $3000-$5000 moves you in! ***New for 2019***
  • You choose the payment options
  • Unexpected rental payment hikes
  • Owner can sell the home unexpectedly as the market changes
  • You must ask permission to maker improvements
  • No equity gain
  • Short term lease agreements creates instability
  • A rental homes can typically be of lower quality or less desirable neighborhoods.
  • Lock in a price based on todays lower prices
  • Participate in future appreciation
  • Largest selection of homes
  • You Choose location/neighborhood
  • You Choose Schools
  • You Choose price
  • Enjoy Economic stability
  • Relax with Peace of mind with up to 4-5-6 year terms (Based on investor)
  • You Choose the Down Payment Option
  • You Choose the monthly payment option
  • Never have to move again a. Less Hassel b. Economic stability c. No more School transfers d. Save Time and money.
  • Treat it like Ownership! You can make customizations or improvements and enhancements
  • Clear and transparent documentation and disclosures.
  • Contract is recorded on Title for security.
  • Professional Agent Representation – No cost.
  • Get your down payment back at closing
  • Up to 6 years to improve your credit and finance the home.
  • Ability to refinance or cash out in less than 1 year.
  • No requirement to purchase – ever!
  • Secured Purchase and sales agreement with a Nationally Trusted Escrow for security.
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learnmore_imgAre you tired of renting?
Tired of throwing your money down the drain every month?
You’re smart and you know there must be a better alternative! You know the real estate market is going up…and you don’t want to be left behind renting – losing money every month…when homes are appreciating in value while you just wait helplessly on the sidelines for your credit to get better.
There IS a better way!
It’s called “Rent to Own Preferred Selections” – offered by Realty10x. This all-new program was designed for buyers that have a good job and good down payment… but simply can not get a home TODAY due to lack of credit or serious past or present credit challenges. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or have “Short Sold” or Foreclosed on a home…
we can help you! We help renters become homeowners even with:

  • Big Dogs (Big cats too!)
  • No Credit
  • Recent bankruptcy
  • Collections – Judgments
  • Short Sales
  • Foreclosures
Choose any home for sale currently listed on the MLS!
You choose the price.

  • You choose your down payment and payment option.
  • You choose the location/School district.
  • You choose the type and quality of the home.
  • You help negotiate the price and attend the home inspection and our investors will buy it for you and you will rent to own it for 1-2-3 up to 6 years!
You are smart. We know you’ve got more questions and need answers to make an informed decision.
Monthly Payment Estimator

Payments are Estimated by taking the sales price and times it by 00.00825% per every $100,000 in sales price.EXAMPLE: $180,000 x 00.00825 = Monthly Payment: $1485.00 total. This is an estimate only. The property taxes and HOA (if any) are an unknown variable so we can not give an exact amount, this is for example purposes only. The rent factor may be within the range of 00.00750 – 00.00850. You will get the exact amount in writing once fully approved as a tenant and you identify a home.

The investor pays the property taxes, loan payment/interest and property Hazard insurance.
(Home Owners association dues are not included and you must insure your personal goods)

The sales price is the Original Price your Leske Realty agent negotiates between the investor and the home seller PLUS the appreciation fee (Estimated at 3% this can be more or less. See your rent to own contract for the specific details) for investor participation, which is added annually until the home is paid off.
Any value appreciation above the appreciation and total investor investment (including closing costs, tenant requested home repairs etc.) is yours to keep as profit. This is an estimate only.
The appreciation fee is subject to investor terms and may change and be different from what is represented on this web site. Investors will provide the exact terms upfront in writing before any commitment is made and the investor will not buy the home until everything is fully agreed to in writing.
Question and Answers
Leske Realty’s Rent to Own program ***NEW for 2016*** now only requires $3000-$5000 based on home sales price. Your specific rent to own deposit terms may be different based on investor requirements. Please look carefully at your lease documents to verify the deposit rates and if there are or are not any credits. Your final paperwork is the contract agreement. This website illustrates various terms that different investors offer that we currently or have used in the past.
The Investor charges an appreciation fee (Typically 3% compounded annually) based on the purchase price of the home for completing the RENT TO OWN home purchase.  This is added to the sales price when you complete the purchase. There is the initial purchase closing costs and any repairs that you may have requested that will be added to the final price as well. The investor will give you a complete breakdown of all expenses upfront before they buy the home and before you agree to anything. There are NO FEES to apply or to get qualified for RENT TO OWN.
If you decide, for whatever reason, you do not wish to pursue the financing and purchase of the home from the investor within the initial 6 year period, you may elect to cancel the agreement at any time. Until you buy the home, you are just the tenant subject to your signed lease contract and your rights as a tenant.
Scams Alerts
    A person off the street “Not the Home Owner” Run ads to Rent a home and collect the security deposit. The deposit is typically mailed to an anonymous address. The home is advertised WAY UNDER MARKET RENT to look attractive.
    A Home Owner offers Rent to Own terms that are hard to understand and once calculated the buyer/tenant discovers that the home will be underwater before the term is over and then they never complete the transaction and the home owner gets the home back and keeps the LARGE deposit and does it again and again and again.
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Client Says-We would like to take this opportunity...

    • We would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation for the exceptional job our realtor, Mr. Donald Leske has done with our recent real estate transactions. Mr. Leske has successfully helped us complete three real estate transactions in a relatively short time span beginning since November 2001. Bob and I were married in January 2002 and
      timing was of the utmost importance in selling his house, my house and most importantly, purchasing our new home.During our association with Mr. Leske, we have been impressed and pleased with his professionalism, courtesy, and attention to details and knowledge of the real estate business. We have appreciated his promptness and his flexibility while working around our busy schedules. Both Don and Sarah have treated us both like we were their most valued clients and were very accessible as they communicated and constantly updated us on our progress. Last of all, we were especially pleased with Mr. Leske’s work on Melinda’s house. It sold for greater than our asking price and Don’s superb organizational skills and attention to detail made it a painless and satisfying transaction. Mr. Leske is to be commended for a job well done, and we highly recommend him to any potential home buyer/seller.

      Bob & Melinda

    • We would like to express our thanks and gratitude to Mr. Don Leske and his team for the successful sale of our home in Kent. We were very pleased with his services in every way. We started out by interviewing three top agents in the area.We chose Don because he clearly stood out as the best choice of options based on price and the timeframe we needed to sell. His marketing strategy was thorough and he came well prepared to our interview. He presented himself with an air of confidence and honesty with a “can do” attitude. Of course, his guarantee to sell in 45 days was a deciding factorBesides Mr. Leske’s competence and thorough knowledge of selling real estate in the area, we like him on a personal level also. Don’s tact when dealing with sticky situations and his calm and positive nature helped to keep us assured throughout the whole process. Don always looked and acted in a professional manner. The best part of all, Don delivered on all of his commitments to us. We were completely satisfied with his accomplishments. We know that Mr. Leske got us the best price in the quickest amount of time possible. He also demonstrated the patience of a saint by assisting us through our anxiety and our non-understandings. For example, he had to explain the closing costs several times to us and he did so pleasantly and successfully without getting frustrated. Everything was first class. So thank you Don and your
      team for selling our house. Please use us as a reference in the future. We also will not hesitate to recommend the Leske Team to anyone we know that is selling their home.

      Diane & Noah

    • Thank you so much for your professional courtesy and results in the sale of my mother’s home in Puyallup. As you know,she passed away last year and the heirs were left with the task of selling the residence. As five of the six siblings were located out-of-state, I recognized immediately that a local professional realtor would be required to sell the house. I also recognized that this person would have to be of high integrity and have good work ethics in order for the transaction to occur in a reasonable amount of time. Being a real estate appraiser, I have seen many out-of-the state ownership problems with real estate sales. Your company and you specifically smoothed out all the bumps in the road to selling this home and did so in a polite courteous manner. Never once was I put off or put “on the back burner”. You answered all my
      questions and concerns very responsibly. Additionally, you used the e-mail for photographs, correspondence, and information, which sped up the entire closing process. Thank you Don for a job well done.J. Corak
    • Our Agent was right with us the whole way; he made the whole process stress free. He was very helpful to the end. If it wasn’t for Don Leske I would have never gotten my house sold and gotten the house of my dreams. Hats off to the Leske Team.Kimberly
    • Our Agent was friendly and professional, he kept us updated every step of the way. I am so glad we listed with Don Leske instead of For Sale by Owner; he made us an additional $38,000.00.Amber & Daniel
    • I am in the retail business and the Leske Team all worked together to make my selling experience a great one! They listened to my needs and did it with class and style. A++!Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence
    • Don and Sarah Leske were very helpful selling our house, they were available whenever we called and if we had to leave a message, they would get back to us in a timely manner. We were very happy with their service.Paul & Shelly
    • Our Agent did a wonderful job selling our home. He got full price for the home and he was always responsive to our phone calls.Bob & Evette
    • The Leske Team gave professional attention to the selling process from beginning to closure. We felt overall our concerns, and suggestions were handled well and promptly.Randall & Angela
    • As a military veteran and one who has worked his whole life giving to others I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for what you have given to me. This experience has been one of the best if not the best experience I have ever had working with such amazing professionals. This whole purchase has went seamless and smooth and I have had so much support from all of you that I didn’t have a chance to even think this wouldn’t be possible. Thank you so much for making the dreams of my first home come true. This has truly been a pleasant and non stressful event from day one. All of you realized the frustration in my voice or emails and absolutely made sure to take that worry and frustration off of me and make it your own. Thank you for helping me to wake up in MY HOME this morning. I truly wish all of you the best in both your personal and professional lives. For what you have given me I can never repay but I will be there if you should need anything both professionally and personally. Thank you once again.Jim Steele Baydo Chevrolet SGT, U.S. Army (ret) Proud home owner
    • Our agent was very knowlegeable with all aspects of her field. Any questions or concerns were answered immediately,which gave us confidence in our decisions. Most importantly we were kept in the loop of things, and returned calls/ emails were answered in a timely fashion. The whole team was very helpful, and professional. I would highly recommend our agent Sarah Leske and Leske Realty for those who are looking to buy or sell a home. I know it’s people say this a lot, but we were really treated like family.Gene & Kea Anderson
    • We were treated very well! Our agent listened to our needs and was great at guiding us since we had never sold a house before! He was very friendly & professional. He kept us updated every step of the way. We are so glad we used Leske Realty instead of FSBO because they made is an additional $38,000.00!! We will definitley refer our friends and family to Leske RealtyThanks so much Team!
      Amber Hedges & Daniel Dunham
    • “We wanted our first home to be a dream come true. We tried several real estate agencies and have never felt that our needs were being listened to. When going to the Leske Team, we instantly felt at home and had an instant relationship with our agent. He was genuine to our thoughts and was very honest about the floor plans and areas we had looked at.
      This was much appreciated and allowed us to find the home that fit our needs, fit our desired area, and above all…we had no regrets in purchasing as our first home. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you Leske Team.”Brian & Chrystal
    • Everyone we worked with on the Leske Team was knowledgeable and helpful. They made what can be a stressful experience, easy to deal with. We would highly recommend them to friends and family!Terry & Stephanie
    • The Leske Team made us feel like real people. When our agent was out of town he let us know who to be in touch with and when there was a question, they were more than willing to help.Tim & Laura
    • Our Agent showed us a home we knew we wanted to be our new home, even though it was after hours, he called and left the listing agent a message. By 2:00 pm the next day our offer was accepted. We accredit this to the diligence on the part of the Leske Team. You guys are great, if we ever decide to sell, we are calling you. Thank you so very much.”The Jones Family
    • The Leske Team was a pleasure to work with. This was my first home and Don shared in my excitement, he worked very hard to find a home that I would be happy with. He was always available for questions and always returned my phone calls and emails promptly. Don was always in my corner, making sure that things proceeded in a way that was always to
      my advantage. I trusted him, and would recommend Don to anyone shopping for a home. He defines good customer service and makes providing it look easyMrs. Henry
    • My agent did not push me into a purchase, we spent a long time looking and he was very helpful.John
    • Our Agent was wonderful, and I would recommend the Leske Team to anyone and everyone I know. I was referred to them by a co-worker, when the realtor that I was working with (from another company) wasn’t working out. Now I pass out the Don’s phone number like he is familyThe Lopez Family
    • Our expectations were exceeded! Don was very aware of what we wanted in a home. Great to work with and guides you through the entire process.Rob & Deb bought a home in Puyallup
    • The Leske Team is outstanding, all of our needs were met, our questions answered and our concerns put to rest. When it comes time to buy our next home, the Leske Team are the ONLY people we will be talking to.Ted & Angela
    • This is my first house, this so-called Leske Team made buying it the easiest and hassle-free decision that I have ever made. How I wish every decision and life was this painless.Oscar
    • Don was wonderful to work with. As first time home buyers she explained he explained the entire process to us and let us know what to expect. He did an outstanding job in helping us resolve an issue with the prior owners in regards to junk that they had left behind.Ray & Curtis
    • The Leske Team did a very good job of helping us find a home. Don was friendly and went out of his way to get us answers on the home we did buy.Lynne
    • We were very impressed with the Leske Team, they were helpful, informative and to the point. They asked us what we were looking for and he delivered just that. We would refer Don Leske to family and friends in a second.Harry & Brenda
    • The Leske Team is like the “A” Team that does the mission impossible. We were not sure we would be able to get the home that we wanted, but the Leske Team made it possible. Thank you Leske Team!The Kirtland Family
    • We wish to extend our personal thanks and appreciation for all of your work and dedication to your profession. It was at times difficult at best, but the Leske Team was there to make sure things went as best as they could. We are settled into
      our new home, and I feel very comfortable to recommend the Leske Team to all my friends and family, which I have already done.Phil & Deborah
    • I am a very picky buyer on a limited budget. I am an agent’s worst nightmare. The Leske Team is awesome and listened to what my wife and I were looking for and went to work finding us our home. Every home they sent us via e-mail was one that we would be interested in. We finally made an offer on a house and we got it. During the closing process, there were complications with the seller. Most agents at this point would have given up, but that is when the Leske Team went to work, they ironed out all the problems before I even knew what had happened. They are a wonder of action, and they have won my respect, and anyone doing business with the Leske Team is lucky. The Leske Team wanted what was best for us and never tried to rush a sell. I would recommend them to anyone.Dallas & Leah
    • The Leske Team did an excellent job of making my home buying process very professional and stress free, it was a good feeling. Knowing that they were there looking out for my best interests and just not there for a paycheck. It was very much appreciated and I look forward to working with them again in the future.Our Agent effectively listened to our needs and respected our position in the marketplace. Our agent aggressively pursued all aspects of the home buying process for us and was there to support us from start to finish.

      Rick & Kate

    • Right from the beginning the Leske Team knew they would be handling a challenging case as our credit was not too good. Don knew what we wanted to pay in a house payment and helped us to reach that goal. We also got to deal with Sarah and again were knowledgeable. Thank you Leske Team for helping us to find our brand new dream home. We never believed that we could get financed for a home after we fell onto some very hard times. After hearing the Leske ad on the radio (saying they can help anyone), we called and spoke with Don.Wow! It was great working with the Leske Team as they were very knowledgeable in all areas of finding and purchasing a home. After seeing a few houses we soon discovered that Don was very approachable and helpful without being overbearing. Don was accommodating with our crazy work hours and only missed one opportunity to show us a home, but
      due to the great teamwork at the Leske Team, Sarah stepped up to the plate and showed us the home that we purchased.

      The only problems that we had during buying the home, was from the seller’s realtor and Don was great at resolving every one of these issues. We look forward to dealing with you in the future!

      The Carey Family